Israel Gaza war: ‘Broken’ takeaway boss loses five relatives in bombing

Dalloul al-Neder
Image caption,Dalloul al-Neder said his baby daughter and wife were also injured in the attack

By Katie Barnfield

BBC North West Tonight

A businessman who has lost five members of his family in a bombing in Gaza said he feels “broken” and “destroyed”.

Dalloul al-Neder, who owns a takeaway in Manchester, said his mother, brother, pregnant sister-in-law and two nieces all died in the strike on their home in Jabalia over a week ago.

He said he feared for the rest of his relatives who were injured, including his wife and six-month-old daughter.

He knows his daughter was pulled from the rubble but has no more news.

“I’m feeling broken about my family. Destroyed,” he told BBC North West Tonight.

He said all he knows about his baby daughter is that she was pulled from the rubble.

“I only know they saved them from the rubble and they are injured.”

Dalloul al-Neder with his mother
Image caption,Dalloul al-Neder, pictured with his mother the last time he saw her alive

Mr al-Neder paid tribute to his 56-year-old mother.

“My mum was a lovely woman. She never hurt anybody,” he said.

He said he has had to close his takeaway in Burnage, the Royal Grill House, as he grieves for his family and waits to hear news of his other relatives.

He said he does not feel able to open the doors again and is now looking to sell the business.

“I wouldn’t be capable of running this business any more,” he said.

He said he has appreciated the support of the community in Manchester.

“They have been very kind. A lot have come with flowers and donations,” he said.

And he said his hope now is for an end to the bloodshed.

“No one is safe in Gaza,” he said.

Flowers left outside the Royal Grill House
Image caption,People have been leaving flowers outside the Royal Grill House

He said the last time he contacted his mother, she told him there was “no food, no water, no electricity no gas”.

“If there is anyone who could seriously take action to demand immediately force ceasefire to save lives and stop this bloodshed,” he said.

“People in Gaza want to live in peace.”

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