UK government is in its dying days – Mark Drakeford

Rishi Sunak at press conference
Image caption,Rishi Sunak is facing major problems over his plans to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda

By Cemlyn Davies

BBC Wales political correspondent

The UK government “knows it’s in its dying days” and it is “running out of time and steam”, according to Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford.

But he also said it was “easier” to deal with the current prime minister than his “immediate predecessors”.

On Thursday, ex-prime minister Boris Johnson said he had enjoyed “excellent relations” with Mr Drakeford.

Asked about his relationship with Rishi Sunak, Mr Drakeford said: “The picture’s a mixed one.”

The prime minister has repeatedly said that his Conservative government is “focused on delivering for the British people”.

Welsh Labour leader Mr Drakeford, was speaking during a Senedd committee hearing on Friday.

“Dealing with the current prime minister is easier in some ways than dealing with his immediate predecessors because he at least observes the basic courtesies of intergovernmental relations,” he said.

“But my experience of dealing with the UK government is that it is a government that knows it’s in its dying days.

Mr Drakeford said that in Mr Sunak’s administration ministers “come and go with an astonishing rapidity” and that “as soon as you feel you’ve got to know somebody and that they’ve begun to understand their brief, then they are replaced by somebody where you have to start all over again”.

“I’m trying not to make this point in a partisan sort of way,” he said.

The last possible date a UK general election can take place is 28 January 2025.

“Even on the best terms this is a government entering its final year of its mandate, and the impression I have with ministers is that there is not a great deal of fresh energy being invested in any governmental agenda,” said Mr Drakeford.

“It’s a government running out of time and steam.”

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